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We are followers of Jesus Christ
Sharing God’s word
Showing God’s love
Serving God’s creation
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The Presbyterian Church (USA) is a mainline denomination that was influential in the founding of our nation and traces its roots to the Reformation of the 16th Century. Part of the Reformed tradition, it is the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States.

The Elders who are called and elected to serve by each local congregation have a great deal of freedom in the style and ordering of worship. Worship varies from congregation to congregation. We recommend a visit to experience our Sunday morning worship.

“Presbyter” is a New Testament word from the original Greek language that refers to a ruling elder of the early Christian church. Today, our elders provide spiritual and administrative guidance to the local congregation. The elders presently serving as leaders of the church comprise the “Session.”

Deacons, also mentioned in the New Testament, are elected and ordained by the congregation to care for the needs of the people.

First Presbyterian Church is connected to the larger church through Eastminster Presbytery (five counties in northeast Ohio), the Synod of the Covenant (Ohio and Michigan), and the denominational headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

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